Mass Schedule

Public Mass, Confession, and Adoration Times at St Mary Our Hope | 19 Chapman Ave, Dover

St Mary Our Hope is one of the Catholic churches belonging to the Sacred Heart Parish of the Huon Valley, the Parish Priest, Rev Fr Warren Edwards. We are kindly granted to utilise St Mary’s, and celebrate our regular Holy Mass in the church, and include the regular parish Sunday evening Mass* in the schedule below.

 ’Til 25th February 2024

*Exceptions to the regular schedule
14th Feb – Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) Mass 7:30am (8:45am changed to 7:30am)

19th Feb – Monday – Regular 5:45pm Mass cancelled.

Monday & Tuesday

Confession        — 5:30 pm

Mass           — 5.45 pm

Wednesday & Thursday

Confession        — 8:30 am

Mass           — 8.45 pm


Confession        — 8:30 am and after Mass on request

Mass           — 8.45 am

Adoration & Benediction  — After Mass until 9:45 am


Adoration & Rosary     — 9:00 – 9:30 am

Confession        — 9:10 am

Mass           — 9:35 am


Mass           — 5 pm