“There are three forms of membership to the LEB: probationary membership, full membership and associate membership.” (Statutes, 24).


Probationary membership and full membership are proper to those discerning, or already, consecrated brothers.

Professed brothers, whether by temporary or perpetual vows, make canonical private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Those brothers not in the state of Holy Orders are lay consecrated brothers.

Associate Members

“Associate members of the LEB share an affinity with the spirituality of the community and live it out according to their own state of life.” “The associate members help compose a supportive fellowship community for the consecrated brothers, and in turn, the consecrated brothers for its associates.” (Statutes, 205; 23).


We are a newer community.
At present there are only three professed brothers in the LEB, each perpetually professed, one of these is a Catholic priest.

The Moderator of the LEB, called the Littlest Brother, is Br. Gilbert Joseph (Bloomer) of the Divine Presence.

Br. Gilbert Joseph LEB